synergy for os x

I’m presently evaluating a piece of software called Synergy, which puts nice buttons into the menubar, but also lets you view album art and song information in a little floating window you can position where you want it. It gets the art from the Internet and I presume it saves it because songs on the same album pop-up faster than the first time they’re accessed.

I like it in the bottom left corner.

Ben and Bryan were talking about it last night and I was talking about Clutter, which doesn’t do anything other than album art, but Clutter lets you drag albums around on your desktop in a real “stacks of CD’s” sort of way.

The novelty of Clutter did wear off rather quickly, however.

So far Synergy still has the smell of a rose, but it’s only been 12 hours.

Synergy for iTunes.
Clutter for the same.

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