Providence update

I hoped to do a great deal of nothing this weekend, except get my receipts totalled up for tax-time, and sleep a lot. Also: I wanted to play a lot more Metroid Prime.

Everything’s coming up Milhouse.

My new home is shaping up, I only have 10 boxes left in the house, and four or five of those are going straight into storage in the basement soon. I have laundry going right now in the basement, and I’ve contemplated buying my own washer and dryer if I can get a pair cheap. The washer is $2, the dryer is free.

The office at home is shaping up. It doubles as a guest room, so it has a nice futon I bought a year ago, and some shelves and of course my desk and some computers. I have managed to get rid of about 8 computers before I got here, and I have two more in boxes but I don’t need them. I just don’t want to neccessarily get rid of them.

The desk is shaping up though, and I hope to hang the French Revolutionary print from Eric in my office. I have a picture of Eric and a giant bottle of Bombay gin hanging in the kitchen on the closet. It makes me laugh, and I really miss him. Though I probably will not see him any less than I would anyway now.

It’s weird. Everyone so busy.

Echo the Cat has settled down and likes sleeping in my armpit at night and has found new window ledges that get a lot of sun that she likes. I put up my shower curtain at lunch today and I watched an episode of Cheers on TiVo and thought that I really liked being here.

It’s quiet. It is relaxed. Work is busy but the rest of my life seems to have slowed down and I like that. People still think I’m a total basket case, and I guess I am, but perhaps in time I’ll slow down more and let myself relax.

This weekend I’m going to get a shovel and a hoe and start the garden preliminaries. I am not sure when I should plant, but I think it should be soon. I want to do bell peppers (red and orange/yellow) and cucumbers, and tomatos so I can make my own sauces for the pasta I’ve learned to make.

Jeff got me thinking what I should really do also is plant a rose bush. I think this is a fine idea, climate permitting.

Also I decided that I want to write my marriage vows and an obituary. This is a little nutty perhaps but I figure if I know what I want both of those to be they can perhaps help form a framework for my life that I find appealing and fullfilling.

Yoga school two blocks away, Aikido dojo less than a mile. My office in .74 miles, Whole Foods in 1 mile. I need to get a new bike pump. This is supposed to be a really great week and bring us really nice weather.

I’m 30 minutes from the Ocean, and I think I should go see that too, but I think I’ll wait for Elizabeth to see it with me. She’s having surgery in a couple weeks too, so maybe once she’s recovered it will be a nice thing to go do.

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