nokia 3650

The above photo, such that it is, was snapped with my new mobile phone, the Nokia 3650.

It isn’t the smallest phone in the world, but it isn’t the biggest either. And so far I actually like the keypad layout. It’s a little queer but it’s actually quite comfortable for SMS and even dialing. I think it’s nice particularly because my fingers don’t hit the wrong button ever.

The handset is light, but feels a little too cheap if you ask me. I wish it wasn’t so plastic-y to the touch, and the color sucks, but they make all those “exciting” xpress-on covers for a reason I guess.

Camera Phones are the new Black I suppose, and while I haven’t made up my mind yet as to how useful this is, it certainly is fun. I usually have a camera with me anyway, but sometimes I don’t, and while I certainly will not win any prizes with photos taken from the 3650 (not that I could win any prizes with any photo I take, but that’s beside the point at the moment) it does have a certain charm to it.

I sent an MMS message to Eric today and I don’t know if he got it or not. Also, he’s using a T68i, which only does 256 colors and has a bad display, so the picture couldn’t have looked good.

I took a shot of my cat tonight and emailed it from the phone using my .Mac account. It worked.

Since iSync doesn’t support this device yet (nor any Series60 device presently) I haven’t synced it to my Powerbook yet. I did, however, sync it to my Exchange server at work over Bluetooth on my Windows PC. I shoved about 300 phone numbers and email addresses onto the phone with the ease I’ve grown accustomed to after using bluetooth handsets since last August.

I’m back to using Palm Desktop anyway until Apple irons out how to use catergories for items in iCal and Addressbook on Palm OS devices. If ever. It’s a requirement for me these days with my new job.

The 3650 has been mine for only a day so I’ve got a long ways to go. The Sony Ericcson T610 may steal my heart back to Sony Ericcson if they can release the phone for under $300. From what I’ve heard it feels “better” in the hand than the 3650, but for now I’m quite pleased.

You are stuck with using a set number of profiles but groups work great. I created an Office, Slackers, VIP and Family group and stuck people in there. You can really easily browse contacts to dial by group – which is a really great feature when you have a couple hundred entries to search through.

One weird thing though is that the phone will not SMS to +1515.555.2323 – it will only SMS to a number sans-dots. I keep my numbers dotted for a reason, Nokia!

The RF seems great. I swapped my SIM back and forth between two phones and my 6310i and the 3650 seem to be about the same. The T68i performs at about half of the signal level of the Nokias. The 6310i sounds better though, I think just a design issue at that point but I’m not certain.

The SymbianOS is pretty good. It’s fairly responsive, holds a lot of applications, and use useful. I don’t know how much I’ll use the PDA functions on the phone since they aren’t nearly as developed as the Palm OS device I use, but I suppose in case of emergancies it will be cool to have there once I can sync this phone to my Mac. I shouldn’t have to carry my Palm all the time, right?

Bluetooth dialing works great from the Palm. GPRS over bluetooth to my Powerbook and my Palm works great.

The screen is really good, quite clear. The loudspeaker function is just that – don’t think it’s like a speakerphone. The voice quality is pretty bad for you and you have to really speak up. Get a bluetooth headset. I use loudspeaker mode when I’m on hold. The 3650 makes a sweet muzak-boombox.

It did, however, take me several minutes to figure out how to lock the keypad so I wouldn’t call my mom while the phone was in my pocket. It wasn’t that hard, but it isn’t in the manual under terms like “keyguard” and “lock keypad”.

A pity I don’t know anyone else I can send full-sized high-quality MMS messages too. My friends all have T68i’s.

I will address the other development as I now have a T-Mobile SIM in my phones. Long story short – AT&T; has two weeks to fix a problem, or I have to stay a new T-Mobile customer. I’m very sad to report this as I love ATTWS’s GSM service, but it simply wasn’t useable in my new home.

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