“Environmental activist Ken Adelman with his Nikon D1X, Robinson R-44 Helicopter and an Apple PowerBook is taking thousands of photographs of the California coastline. His images are being used to identify illegal seawalls and for other environmental uses. So far he’s taken 7,000 images, and expects this to rise to 10,000 when he’s completed the entire coastline. All of the images are available on his website “The camera is linked with a cable to the helicopter’s global positioning system, and to an Apple Power Book (sic) laptop. Every three seconds, he snaps a picture, and the exact longitude, latitude and altitude are recorded.” -DPReview and Mercury News
This facinates me.

What an amazing use of technology. Even though I know all these things are possible, I am always pleased when I see it being used in such a creative way. The things that make me say “Oh, duh!” and slap my head are the most interesting things it seems.

Partially because I’m constantly prowling over my StickyBrain and whiteboards trying to figure out what great idea I have hiding inside my big melon. I’m realatively certain that something good lurks and I just need to figure out what my “Oh, duh!” is and do it.

I suspect I’ll be happiest once I find my OD and work it out.

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