Trash picker bait

I’m not really a mean person.

But the trash pickers that dug through my trash last night must have thought me to be a huge asshole, throwing away a Sony DVD player like that. “That wealthy fellow, he must have too many DVD players and thought to just throw one away!”

Not quite, folks. It doesn’t work. It could probably be fixed. I have another one that is broken too, a Pioneer 434. I may throw that out next week. They’ll really think I’m out of my mind. Worse than Crazy Eddie, that Emory. Throwing away home electronics.

The over-under on how long it would be before someone took it was 1 hour and 3 hours. Nobody was keeping book on this, and this morning it was gone but the rest of our trash was there, since it was a holiday.

I really don’t know what they thought – I’d throw out a $200 DVD player for fun? It’s broken, people! If you want to deal with Sony and try to get it repaired, more power to ‘ya, but it was going to be hoop after hoop I’d have to jump through, so I said “no thank you,” and after having it cluttering up my house for over a year, decided to toss it.

Perhaps the new owner is an electronics genius. Or maybe she is an artist doing a project that involves new gadgetry and how awful it is. Maybe they’re just hoping to pawn it to buy dope.

Or they’ll pay the money and get it repaired and have a fairly decent DVD player for nearly free. It would beat the pants off whatever junk you could get for fifty bucks at Best Buy these days.

(For those that are wondering, I don’t remember the model number – and I should have taped the remote to it for the person that took it, but it was a DVD player with composite and s-video outputs and DD and DTS decoding.)

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