The blizzard of aught-3!

So the DC area is still a bunch of crybabies when it snows, but this one even bothered me.

I moved here over five years after living in Minnesota, Des Moines, IA and Chicago, IL. Where we really had winters.

Here in Washington, people abandon their cars on the side of the road when there is heavy rain, and when it snows people go totally out of control. Add to this the fear of imminent terror attack, and it was sheer pandemonium.

I finally got my car out tonight, it snowed heavy, and I had about two feet of snow on the ground and on the roof of my car. Surprisingly my neighbors didn’t freak out and hold a neighborhood association meeting to figure out what to do. But at 11am today, I asked the men plowing my block to help me out, and they said no.

Yes, that’s right. They said “no”.

At least my condo association fees go somewhere important!

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