Nokia 6600 series60 smartphone

Nokia tests the waters with the 3650 and then decides to release what could be a much more traditional-looking handset with the new Series60 smartphone, the Nokia 6600.

More colors, new design, better camera (with zoom), more memory, polyphonic ringtones, no circular keypad. Same ol’ IR, Bluetooth, MMS/SMS (of course) and tri-band world-class GSM 1900, 1800, and 900.

Missing: EDGE. But I can deal with that.

With the following Dimensions: 108.6 x 58.2 x 23.7mm, 113cc it’s smaller than the 3650, but still has a 176 x 208 pixel 65,536 colors TFT display.

It’s also using a new version of the Symbian OS – 7.0S.

The 3650 is probably the best GSM camera-phone on the market in terms of picture quality, even though it stinks. The new 6600 seems to be a very nice progression from the camera phones of today, and the design really is rather sexy. Nokia calls it curvy. “Curvy” is still an adjective to describe “slightly plump,” however – the 6600 does fill out a bit and is wider than the 3650 by a smidge. It’s shorter however, so people that are put off by the size of the 3650 alone will probably like the 6600 a bit more.

It takes up less space in your pants. I think people will like it.

These smartphones are handy – I really cannot think of replacing a Palm OS PDA with one by any means, however. I still maintain that PDA’s make lousey phones and phones make worse PDA’s — but the smartphones are just that: brilliant mobile devices that are ideally suited for small tasks, basic communications, great management of contacts, and for those of us equipped with Apple laptops, fantastic mobile Bluetooth access points to hop on the GPRS data networks without hooking up cables and performing strange driver voodoo to check the office email and chat with friends using our usual clients.

Planned release is 4th Quarter, 2003.

And before anyone puts it in the comments – yes it looks like iSync would support it, (sans-calendar sync officially) and yes, I think I may have to buy one.

Another note: Has Nokia been dining with Siemens lately? This handset looks a lot like the svelte and sexy Siemens SX1!

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