itunes music store

I love the Apple iTunes Music Store.

I am wondering if I could just start direct depositing some cash into the coffers of my favorite computer company or setup a special slush fund just for such things.

They don’t have everything of course, but in my clicking and searching I have found R.E.M., Massive Attack (bought the exclusive album), even some lounge music compilations that are fantastic and bring images of college parties, when I wasn’t in college, but my girlfriend was.

They even have music from America’s favorite Six Car Garage Band, The Strokes! (That joke is curtesy of Caitlin.)

No Underworld, yes Eminem, yes Moby, yes DJ Shadow, yes Sublime, yes Bob Dylan, YES Liz Phair!, YES Cibo Matto!, yes Tori Amos, yes Fiona Apple, yes Breeders but no Beastie Boys.

I’m quite surprised. I suppose my tastes fall into the percentage of pop music for the most part, but I promise I have some more ecclectic tastes too. I hope that eventually it gets more music that I haven’t heard of that I like. I think this is obviously going to be the big pull for people.

So far so good. I never particularly cared for MP3 so I’m glad they’re using MPEG4 AAC for these – they sound great. If it weren’t for TiVo Desktop I’d just re-rip everything I own as MPEG4 AAC for the sake of quality and size.

Perhaps I can find out if there is a piece of software that will recode things on the fly for the TiVo. That’d be nice.

I am wondering, however, if Apple decided what to put online first would be based on what people had already encoded – I just realized that two of the Lamb albums they have on their service (Lamb and Fear of Fours) are the only two that I own.

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