Hello, nokia 6310i!

I was using the T68i for several months and decided I just couldn’t take it anymore. And the following is a post I put on the Apple discussion site for iSync with the hopes of being a vocal person angry about iSync not supporting handsets like the 6310i.

I decided I didn’t need a Siemens S55 badly enough to pay over US$400 for it.

The T68i sucks. This isn’t exactly a matter up for debate, since it has the worst RF of any phone I’ve used save the Samsung A460 CDMA handset, and it has a hard time holding calls in my apartment.

It’s also slow.

So today I got a Nokia 6310i, which is fast fast fast and very simple to use. I iSync’ed my T68i, copied the numbers to the SIM, and moved the SIM over and that way I at least have my numbers (for my Mobile group since iSync is so lame that it doesn’t even let me pick multiple groups since I can’t have all my contacts fit on the phone…) but that really isn’t going to cut it.

In OS X I can’t send the phone more than one card at a time from Addressbook.app. I tried Bluetooth File Transfer, and that thing barfed like a newborn baby, sending only one contact over to the phone, and closing the connection.

I don’t know what the problem is exactly, and I simply don’t care. The Nokia 6310i is a better phone in terms of performance than any Ericsson product I’ve used so far, and it works just fine with my Bluetooth headset.

I can pair the phone fine. I could probably even use GPRS over bluetooth with it, but I haven’t bothered setting that up yet.

Nokia has nearly 40% of the market share of all mobile phones. Sony-Ericsson is struggling to get 5. Why is it that Apple hasn’t bothered to support a product family that hits at least 6 times the userbase? I don’t know.

Is Apple hoping if they suckle Sony-Ericsson long enough something great will happen from it? iSync doesn’t even support the much ballyhooed P800 from SE. This is getting rediculous.

I’m left with no options for synching when it at least that part of my daily routine worked – it just worked with a phone that made me feel like I was constantly using some pair of telecommunications crutches limping along slowly and sometimes falling down on my face.

Is my only option really to ignore iSync and iCal and go back to using Outlook and bluetooth on my Windows XP workstation? There was life before iSync with this setup, and if iSync doesn’t work with it soon, I may as well go back to doing what worked before. The only difficulty I forsee is putting my personal and family contacts/appointments into my corporate PIM.

In summary: I’m mad as hell that iSync still doesn’t support phones other than Sony-Ericsson handsets, and only MOST of them! Has anyone ever said anything officially about Nokia products and iSync? Has Apple done anything to show headway in this area?

For those considering the 6310i – try it. You’ll love it. If you don’t care about losing a lackluster 256 color display (I obviously don’t) and needing to jump through hoops to make it work with the computer “For the rest of us,” then you will be ecstatic. It’s a great handset.

I’m keeping my T68i and using that when I need my calendar and todo list, but definatly using my Nokia when I’m at home. Apple should be ashamed for being silent on this issue.

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