suzie in digital.

so my friend suzie was a very good model for me.

every time i shoot photos at a party she’s at, she’s always wearing a nice outfit and warm smile, so i wanted to take pictures of her in a more personal setting to see if i could adequetly capture some of what suzie is.

suzie is playful, beautiful, and warm to the touch.

she let me play with lights, play with her hair, and try to get my bearings with my new lights. i was very appreciative of the opportunity and hope to do it again sometime soon if i can get more time with my lamps and lenses!

there is a gallery of favorites available, it does contain light-nudity so exercise your own judgement.

if you want prints, you may contact me. donation will be required to a charity of your choosing, and there are only 10 being made of each photo.


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