At&t; Gsm Update

I am mad at AT&T.;

Not only am I an AT&T; GSM customer, I’m also a stock holder. So I found it very unnerving that I sat on hold in an AT&T; store on the customer service phone for exactly 38 minutes like an ass waiting for a simple question to be answered.

I missed three calls today that just went into voicemail. I got an SMS saying “Hey, doofus, you have a message,” when my phone didn’t even ring.

Girl in the store (Fairfax store near the big Borders and all the mattress stores) told me she couldn’t help me, that I had to talk to them.

So there I sat. She mentioned I could call at home, and I said that I’d be happier to sit in the store looking like a homeless person because the customer service reps are too few in number for a service that they sell, and she left me alone.

Icing on the cake – it was a nationwide problem, it was deemed “Critical” by AT&T;, and if this gal had bothered to read her “CCNET” whatever the heck that is, she would have seen the message right there in front of her and saved me the aggrevation.

Never again will I go to that AT&T; store. If I wanted to get treated like refuse by people that sell mobile phones, I’d have gone to the Sprint PCS stores. ANY OF THEM.

Having said that, so far I really like the service. the mMode GPRS data service is great, and the only thing I don’t like is the T68i. But sadly this is the only phone I can get that iSync supports, so I’m stuck with it until iSync supports the Siemens S55, or I find an unlocked T39.

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